My name is Steve Kaye, an Artist / Painter originally from London, now living and working in Torbay with My Talented Wife and two (not so talented but highly adorable) dogs.

My paintings are for sale, or I can create something to your taste..

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.

Tel:   01803 529538

Mob: 07719 767212


This is my first painting since the age of about 12. It was painted in 2012 and uses acrylics on a 6"x4" little canvas. 

Personally, I feel that my Artwork has come a long way since that time and I gain a great deal of satisfaction from working with Oils and Acrylics. I have learned also to make use of larger canvasses!

Although I have no formal training in the field, I have made good use of the multitude of tutorials and advice on You Tube, which I have found to be an excellent learning resource.

I will gaze at the local Torbay Seafront and skies to gain inspiration, along with the amazing plethora of trees and shrubs which are so abundant in this country.

I fully subscribe to the philosophy that 'Anyone can learn to paint', if they want to and abhor the elitism which has surrounded the field of Art, particularly painting, for so long.

My Brother graduated from The Royal College of Art and for the most part, made a success of life as an artist.

It did not occur to me that I would ever paint, hence the later age when I made it happen!

All of these paintings are for sale, and in due course I will add dimensions and prices. In the meantime, if there is any work you would like to purchase, please feel free to contact me.








© 2017 /18 by Steve Kaye

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